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  • Hi! I’m Lindsay!

    I'm a self-taught, natural-light photographer who specializes in children and families based on the south side of Indianapolis and the Greenwood area. I'm the girl behind the lens, and also the one who spends her days being a mommy to my two sweet babies.

    I'm a wanna-be beach bum and ice cream/cookie dough enthusiast. I love *all* kinds of music and can quote more movies and songs word for word than I'd like to admit. I'm a girly girl, a Hoosier to the core, and obsessed with capturing moments of my own kids in our every day lives. Turquoise blue is my color of choice, always, and sunshine makes my heart happy. You'd typically find me teaching in a first grade classroom, but I am lucky enough to be taking a break from my last 9 years of teacher life to focus on being a mama and a photographer!

    That's just a smidge of my story...won't you let me tell yours? :)

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm so glad you're here!
    lindsay m

Gary, Kathleen, & Baby Yohe

Cannot express how excited I am for this little family.  You see; Gary grew up playing soccer with my husband, Justin, and they also lived together in college, which is how I met him and his wife Kathleen.  We have since grew very close as friends and have taken many trips and made lots of fun memories together.  Gary and Kathleen are expecting their first baby any day now, and I am more than thrilled to have been able to capture this special time in their lives.  They are also the first of our close friends to “jump on the baby train” which excites Justin and I that much more.

Baby Yohe, you’ve got a great mommy and daddy, you’re destined to be an amazing soccer player, and I know so many people who can’t wait to meet you!


April 25, 2012 - 4:03 pm

Hubs - So you’re pretty much the best photographer I know.

Libby & Gigi

Meet Libby and Gigi; the two little loves of my life.  Our story in a nutshell began in the Summer of 2006 when I became their nanny.  Libby was just 2 years old and Gigi 8 months.  Since then, we’ve spent every Summer together at the pool, the zoo, eating ice cream, drawing with chalk, and playing at the park.  I love them like they are my own and can’t believe how much they’ve grown…which is why they are the perfect models for me and my camera 🙂

To see more of Libby and Gigi, click here!

Making a Leap…

Welp, I did it. I bought an AMAZING new camera, and have decided that right here will be my blog’s home from now on.

You see, if you’re just joining me, you should know that last Fall I decided to start my very first blog and began taking pictures of anything and everything.  I loved it so much and still believe with all my heart that capturing precious moments for other people to cherish is something I was meant to do. I love sets my heart on fire.

That’s what has brought me here. 🙂

Stay tuned friends; so, so much more to come.